Position Summary:

FOUNT employees enjoy working collaboratively as a team to meet production goals. Machine sewers at FOUNT sew and assemble our range of leather products, using a variety of techniques. Our sewing team creates high quality leather products by having attention to the details while operating in an efficient manner.

Primary Responsibilities:
  • Maintain the highest level of quality during machine sewing

  • Focuses on efficiency

  • Develops a sense of detail for all steps of construction

  • Work as a team player to effectively assemble and construct products

  • Receive and follow instruction from managers and team members

  • Demonstrate leadership by relating information to other team members

  • Develop a comfort ability adjusting machine tension

  • Regular maintenance of all sewing machines

  • Supports existing systems, structure, and cleanliness of studio, while adding new systems as the team and brand grows

Preferred Applicant Skills:
  • Ability to sew multiple layers of leather of varying weights

  • Ability to apply zippers and hardware

  • Ability to run and maintain all sewing machines

  • Ability to note a proper stitch/tension and make necessary adjustments

  • Ability to receive and communicate instructions with managers and team members

  • The following skills are additional skills that would be helpful as a part of the sewing team: prototyping familiarity, sample sewing leather cutting, fabric cutting

We understand that applicants may not have leather experience.  
At FOUNT, we are primarily looking for teachable and detail oriented team members who love people and life.
If you are interested please send your resume and cover letter to: