Position Summary:

This position is held by a full time senior sales associate. The Floor Leader is responsible for the store and all store matters when Managers are not present. The main responsibility of the floor leader is to oversee the daily operations of the store, ensuring that the store is successful and efficient, in addition to, effectively leading the shift team. The Floor Leader reports to the Assistant Manager and the District Sales Manager.

The Role of a Sales Associate is to:
  • Handle daily customer service interactions including questions and concerns
  • Communicate store improvements, customer issues, team challenges, etc.,to the Assistant Manager
  • Assist customers with their FOUNT shopping experience
  • Delegate/handle daily operational tasks
  • Help Assistant Manager with weekly store tasks that include, but are not limited to:
    • Inventory POS update
    • Inventory restock
    • In store order follow up
  • Ensure sales associates are taking assigned shift breaks
  • Ensure sales associates are staying busy with customers and tasks throughout their shift
    • Prevent any standing around or unproductive behavior
    • Finding tasks to be completed and keeping busy
  • Enhance work culture with an encouraging and positive attitude
  • Define and exemplify behaviors that create lasting team/customer relationships and portray FOUNT at all times
  • Brainstorm ideas and projects that would improve the store’s work culture and customer experience
  • Work closely with Assistant Manager on coordinating employee outings and holiday and in-store event preparation

*Responsibilities are subject to change. FOUNT is a  growing company and restructures as needed. This job description is fluid and will be adjusted as FOUNT grows.

Preferred Applicant Qualities:
  • Team player with every decision. Ask yourself, what benefits the team as a whole best in each situation. How do we best work together to achieve our common goal? We encourage and support our team members.
  • Initiate improvements by sharing new ideas with department heads as you discover them.
  • Positive optimistic “can do attitude”.
    • Mindset: “I get to go to work today” not “I have to go to work today”.
  • Flexibility in tasks in order to best serve the team as a whole. As we grow, it’s impossible to predict what exactly will be needed to achieve our goals. We expect our team to be flexible with their day to day roles as change is needed or something unexpected is encountered.
  • Proactive thinking. How can we best prepare FOUNT for what is ahead and avoid issues and eliminate them before they happen?
  • Problem solving when issues can not be avoided, take care of them to the best of your ability.
  • Excellent communication to address topics both good and bad in a time efficient, clear, respectful, and constructive manner and to the appropriate team member. If you are unsure who to address a topic with, please meet with HR for advice on who to approach in order to avoid gossiping.
  • Mindfulness of your time and others time. Respect your work and your team members by giving the projects that you are working on the appropriate amount of time and attention. We encourage “work and talk” which means you can socialize while working, but keeping your focus on efficiency and time management. Being accountable for your schedule and workload.
  • Genuinely love the FOUNT brand and its products.
  • Have a passion for communicating with others and to share with our customers the story and details of FOUNT.
  • 2 years related retail experience preferred.
  • High school diploma required.
Required Availability:
  • Weekdays (10:30- 7:30) and weekends (10:30-8:30)

  • Available during holidays such as Black Friday, Christmas Eve, Fourth of July, etc.

  • Flexible to work in-store events in the evenings.

  • Available to work 36-40 hours per week.


Interested in this position?
Please email your resume and cover letter to hr@fountleather.com
Include the title of the role you are seeking and the location in the email subject line.