The Coco Collar

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Ode to the FOUNT puppy lovers! The Coco Dog Accessories are truly one of a kind. Made out of a rich red-brown semi-aniline veg tan leather, these are similar in weight to our tote straps but have a softer, more flexible feel. The semi-aniline leather gives it a wax protective coating to protect against stains and surface scratching.



  • Always check that trigger clasps and buckles on all FOUNT dog accessories are securely closed and working properly before use. 
  • FOUNT dog accessories are in the fashion category and while it is suitable for everyday use, and we use it on our own pups, we do not recommend it for heavy pullers or rowdy dogs. We know every dog is unique and it is up to you to know what’s best for your pup!
  • We recommend always using a harness as a primary restraint for walks. 
  • Always make sure your dog is under supervision when using all FOUNT dog accessories. When any accessories are not in use, keep out of reach of your dog.


  • To fit the collar properly, make sure to do a size check when your dog is standing and laying to ensure it isn’t too tight. A suitably fitting collar should be able to fit just two fingers comfortably between the collar and your dog’s neck. Each hole on the collar adjusts the size by ½”.
  • Insert waste bags into the leather waste bag holder, and pull each one individually out of the round opening. Designed to clasp onto the brass D-ring on the FOUNT dog leash alongside the tassel! 
  • Clasp the FOUNT dog leash onto FOUNT dog collar at the large ¾” D ring on the opposite side from the buckle. Do not clasp the leash onto either of the two smaller brass collar keepers.  
  • The oils from your dogs coat will naturally condition the collar. It will develop a beautiful patina overtime. If any FOUNT dog accessories become soaked with water, allow to lay flat and naturally dry. Apply FOUNT leather cream once completely dry for best results.

Designed in Cleveland, Ohio

Made in Cleveland Ohio

Full Grain Semi-Aniline Veg Tan Leather

Hand Sewn Saddle Stitching

Custom FOUNT Buckle and Loop

¾” width 

S   10.5”-12.5”  

M   13”-16”

L   16.5”-19.5”

XL   20”-23”



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