Here's the wave of relaxation you've been needing: Celadon. Ride the wave this Saturday, 3/13 at 10am in store and online when Celadon goes live.

Our design team sourced a color that's soft and calming to the senses in response to the past year. Now, you'll be able to carry a bit of serenity with you each and every day. 

You can grab Celadon in the following styles:
Classic Zip-Top Bellfield Tote | $470
Classic Coventry Bucket Bag | $360
Bellfield Crossbody | $380

About Celadon Leather:
Celadon is a full-grain leather with a slightly glossy sheen. To care for Celadon, use our Leather Cream with the same technique as our signature leather.

Stained your bag? Ugh. Happens to the best of us. To clean your Celadon, you can use a lightly dampened cloth with warm water to lift the stain. If you need more cleansing power, a mild soap and water mix (we recommend using Dawn or Palmolive) blotted on should be sufficient. You should never rub, scrub, or use too much pressure when cleaning a stain off of your bag. 

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