woman sitting in a field among several leather bags

Buying a high-quality bag isn't easy, despite how simple it should be. Finding a bag worthy of your investment requires hours of research, endless scrolling, and trying bag after breakable bag. We know this—we've been there. Which is why we created FOUNT. We wanted to design bags that you can trust to do their job, do it well, and look good doing it.

An investment-worthy bag needs to stand up against everyday wear and tear. Its straps can never snap unexpectedly, ripping and spilling the contents of your life onto the floor. And it should never limit your outfit choices.  

At FOUNT, we design bags intentionally, with straps so reliable that in seven years, we've never had a pair of Bellfield Tote straps break. We choose our materials with care, ensuring they're sourced sustainably, and that they'll age beautifully. Our bags are made using artisanal techniques, and produced with ethical manufacturing partners who uphold our high FOUNT Standards of quality and ethics.

What you will find at FOUNT will last you for years to come, aging more and more beautifully as you carry it with you. 

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rolls of brown leather


Our commitment to quality is measured by our materials, techniques, and designs. When we are selecting tanneries to work with, we look for extremely high-quality, durable, and sustainably-sourced leathers. We use brass hardware and hand-sew our super-strong straps onto our Bellfield and Atlas bags. In all of our production, we ensure artisan techniques are used to achieve the utmost strength and beauty. Our bags are made for daily use and can take considerably more wear than your typical purse. In fact, the more you wear and use your bag over the years, the more of a rich patina it will develop. Our bags get better as they age and we encourage you to use yours every day, in every situation!


Who makes our bags is just as important as how we make them! For this reason, we work hand in hand with ethical manufacturing partners, conducting audits to make sure they uphold our FOUNT standards. We guarantee fair wages in accordance with the local living standards, maintain healthy and safe working environments, and offer training to employees so that they have the opportunity to expand their skill sets. Child labor is absolutely prohibited. Equality in the workplace is a mainstay of both our Cleveland Studio and all manufacturing partners.


Our priority at FOUNT is to create bags that last. We want to help people break free from the fast fashion loop of continuously replacing bag after bag, where old, broken, or outdated bags accumulate in landfills. Since we are aware of the carbon impact caused by the fashion industry, we work with tanneries that produce with environmental awareness: ones that filter water to make it drinkable after being used, use hides that are a byproduct of the meat industry, reduce waste in the tanning process, and are certified by the Leather Working Group. When possible, we work with tanneries local to manufacturers to reduce travel distance of materials, significantly reducing our carbon footprint. This is especially impactful when materials do not need to be shipped by boat and plane overseas. 

Interested in a career at FOUNT?  Please email hr@fountleather.com.