Since we were young, secrets were always the way we connected with our closest friends. We shared secrets about whom we liked, what we did, and more. Well, FOUNT has a couple secrets that we are just dying to share with you.

FOUNT’s leather is imported from Italy and the bags are handmade in Cleveland. How do you know the shade of leather that you’re looking at is the same as in the picture? Or how do you know exactly what the texture of the leather is like? FOUNT offers a leather swatch book with each of our shades of leather: Goldenrod, Hazelnut, Vintage Milled Cocoa, Midnight Espresso, and Peppercorn Black. Get yours here and make sure that your bag is exactly what you’re looking for!

Not only is the swatch book one of our best-kept secrets, but FOUNT also offers an exclusive catalog, soon to be sent out. Inside our catalog we feature each product within a collection, the colors and prices for each product and some lifestyle shots to show you how to wear it! Order yours here and view our collection to your heart’s desire!

Secrets make friends and we are so excited to share ours with you and bring you along for the journey that is FOUNT.

Phillip Wachter