The FOUNT studio is the powerhouse behind our brand. Between sewists, designers, public relations, and merchandising teams, everything is done at our studio headquarters in downtown Cleveland. As FOUNT continues to expand, studio renovations are essential to creating a successful, growing brand.

Since 2013, Jackie and Phillip have built a unique brand that caters to the growing taste for products created in the USA. As we cater to a larger audience, we have added some new features to the studio to increase work efficiency and deliver our products to you as quickly as possible.
            1. Because our team is growing, we designed a new office space to give more workspace to our merchandising and PR teams. The tables were built and finished in the studio by our team members to assist their goal of reaching you as quickly as possible with the best information.
            2. Our new inventory system was also built in studio and adds to the aesthetic of our “office.” With this new system we can stay ahead of our orders and make sure your bag is delivered quickly and arrives with the same level of quality that our clients have experienced with FOUNT in the past.
            3. Finally, the crown jewel of the studio expansion…we bought out a vacant studio next door, blew out the wall, scraped painted windows, stained the floor, gave it a fresh cost of paint, added tables, workbenches, and tools, to give more room for our production process as our designers and sewists create even more beautiful products for you.

Expansion is a big venture and FOUNT is taking it on with pride. With our studio growth, we can move on to create an even bigger and better brand.  Stay tuned for more  news on our expansion and  even more excitingly (drum roll please) our UPCOMING FLAGSHIP STOREFRONT!

Phillip Wachter