American-made has become something of a lost concept. Mass fashion production and manufacturing has moved overseas to cater to the demands of consumers and to save costs, but with the transition overseas, America lost the idea of value behind a product and began focusing on having what is available here and now. Through the values of our founders, we strive to bring quality and purpose to our products, setting us apart from the rest; similar to the way our country was built on.
As we celebrate the 4th of July and embrace the values that America was built on, we should also look forward to the beauty that America will establish.

 Here at FOUNT, we are already setting a pace for fashion revival in the United States. By utilizing the resources around us and providing jobs for the people in our community, we are bringing production back to America and encouraging others to do the same. As we create a standard for fashion, we are redefining the concept of fast-fashion, one product at a time.
As you have fun today, enjoying the fireworks, friends, and food around you, be sure to remember the foundation that America was built on and embrace the change that is to come.

Phillip Wachter