Second in our Faces of FOUNT lineup is Stephanie Rocheck, our Production Leader here at FOUNT. Stephanie has been a member of the FOUNT team for two years and is the wheels behind our process. Being the Production Leader, Stephanie is responsible for making sure that we stay on track and create our products in a timely, but efficient manner, to get our products delivered to you as quickly as possible. Not only is Stephanie great at running our design process, but she also cuts the patterns and works the leather so that it is prepared for sewing. She says, “I’m still learning what comes with this job. Production grew with the expansion and we are continuously adding new products, so I find myself continuously learning something new.”

Stephanie graduated from Virginia Marti with a degree in Fashion Design. Not sure exactly what she wanted to do after graduation, she worked as a veterinary technician for a few years before she went into alterations. On a day off of her alterations job, Stephanie decided to read the newspaper, something odd for her since she doesn’t normally read the paper. However, it’s a good thing she did; she saw FOUNT and the work that Jackie and Phillip were doing for their business. After calling and asking about open positions, Stephanie was hired and has been a part of the growth of FOUNT ever since.

 What is your favorite thing about working at FOUNT?
“With any other job, there was never physical proof of your accomplishments, but here you can see the reward. Also, the people working here are so positive and encouraging. It’s something I’ve never experienced before but I like it.”

What is your favorite FOUNT product?
“Any of the Bellfield Tote bags are my favorite because I love being able to have a big bag to throw everything into so I don’t forget about it or lose it.  I never saw the purpose in having a bag that big, but now that I have one, I can’t go back to the smaller bags I used to carry.”

Phillip Wachter