Third in our FOUNT lineup is our graphic designer, Nick Nero. Nick has been a part of the FOUNT team for just over two years now and has played a huge role in building the brand. From graphic design to marketing to website graphics, Nick does it all. The brand logo, catalog, and notes you get with every FOUNT product would not be possible without him.

Nick received his Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Merchandising from Kent State University. After graduation, Nick was hired as an intern and has been at FOUNT ever since. Because Nick was hired as the first employee, he has seen the brand grow to what it is today.

What is your favorite thing about working at FOUNT?
“My favorite thing about working at FOUNT is by far all of the people/personalities that work here. Everyone is so unique, and it makes for a very fun, laid back and inspiring work environment.”

What is your favorite FOUNT product?
“My favorite FOUNT product is the Gordon Duffle Bag in either Peppercorn Black or Vintage Milled Cocoa, I haven't been able to pick just one color because they are both so cool.”

Phillip Wachter