Cleveland is a city with a lot to offer. When Jackie and Phillip first began FOUNT, they knew that there was too much Cleveland and the surrounding area had to offer for them to look at resources outside of the city. With this mindset, FOUNT has given a new opportunity to those in the area of Cleveland.

Because we are expanding so quickly, the tassels and dust bags have come to be in high demand and are often the most time consuming to make. So, instead of having our design team make them, we thought why not bring work to those that need it? FOUNT has given the Cleveland refugees a job to create tassels and assist with finishing the handbags. Not only that, but our dust bags are made by Akron area refugees.

FOUNT has always been a company that puts its community first and has had a clear goal of helping to revive the city of Cleveland. Giving work to those that need it is just one of the ways that we hope to help our city and give a new mindset to the growing entrepreneurs working in Cleveland.

Phillip Wachter