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We were all part of LeBron James’ victory in winning the NBA Finals this year, but in August he’s about to bring new success to the city of Cleveland. LeBron is producing and starring in a new reality television show called Cleveland Hustles and FOUNT has been chosen as one of the businesses to be featured on the show.

With the help of four business professionals, LeBron James will help local entrepreneurs grow their operations throughout the city, not only to help the businesses, but to also revive a neighborhood of Cleveland.

We have worked for two years to achieve success and continue to strive for more, and being featured on Cleveland Hustles will assist in this success and, no doubt, be a turning point for our company.

Make sure you tune into CNBC on Wednesday, August 24th at 10 p.m. for the premiere of Cleveland Hustles and see your favorite company rock reality TV.

Phillip Wachter