FOUNT Signature Candle

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FOUNT SIGNATURE CANDLES are made from essential oils and soy grown in the Midwest, with jars made in the USA, and locally crafted lids. These fragrances, exclusively made for FOUNT, are non-toxic, clean burning, phalate free, and sulfate free. FOUNT Signature Fragrances are inspired by nature and designed to appeal to men and women. Through a “cold brew” process, our fragrances are blended throughout the entire batch of wax, creating a consistent aroma for the entire burn time and even when your FOUNT Signature Candle is not lit. With its wooden crackle wick, your candle will have an average burn time of 80 hours.

FOUNT Signature Scent 820 (Wrapped in Hazelnut) is fresh and mood lifting with its top note of ginger. Mid-notes give it a slightly sweet aroma, while base notes of cedar wood and patchouli add complexity to our top selling candle. Overall, FOUNT 820 is notably sophisticated, earthy, and clean.

FOUNT Signature Scent 504 (Wrapped in Wolf) is unique and captivating with top notes of tonka and vanilla making it simultaneously sweet and earthy. Citrus mid-notes of orange and grapefruit are punchy, unexpected, and uplifting. Floral base notes leave the fragrance well balanced, soft and subtle. Overall FOUNT 504 is adventurous, romantic, and cozy.

FOUNT Signature Scent 6706 (Wrapped in Nubuck) is a calm, soothing, and pure scent. It encompasses the aroma of freshly washed linens combined with lavender picked from a flower garden. The combination of lavender, bergamot, orange and bamboo make this scent the perfect aroma to relax and unwind to after a long day’s work.

FOUNT Signature Scent 668 (Wrapped in Goldenrod) is an enchanting and rich scent of fresh pine, fir, spruce, and cedarwood that embodies a walk through the woods after a spring rain. This earthy and cozy scent has hints of orange and spearmint that further deepen the flavor of this luxurious scent.

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