Third in our FOUNT lineup is our graphic designer, Nick Nero. Nick has been a part of the FOUNT team for just over two years now and has played a huge role in building the brand. From graphic design to marketing to website graphics, Nick does it all. The brand logo, catalog, and notes you get with every FOUNT product would not be possible without him.

Nick received his Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Merchandising from Kent State University. After graduation, Nick was hired as an intern and has been at FOUNT ever since. Because Nick was hired as the first employee, he has seen the brand grow to what it is today.

What is your favorite thing about working at FOUNT?
“My favorite thing about working at FOUNT is by far all of the people/personalities that work here. Everyone is so unique, and it makes for a very fun, laid back and inspiring work environment.”

What is your favorite FOUNT product?
“My favorite FOUNT product is the Gordon Duffle Bag in either Peppercorn Black or Vintage Milled Cocoa, I haven't been able to pick just one color because they are both so cool.”


Cleveland is a city with a lot to offer. When Jackie and Phillip first began FOUNT, they knew that there was too much Cleveland and the surrounding area had to offer for them to look at resources outside of the city. With this mindset, FOUNT has given a new opportunity to those in the area of Cleveland.

Because we are expanding so quickly, the tassels and dust bags have come to be in high demand and are often the most time consuming to make. So, instead of having our design team make them, we thought why not bring work to those that need it? FOUNT has given the Cleveland refugees a job to create tassels and assist with finishing the handbags. Not only that, but our dust bags are made by Akron area refugees.

FOUNT has always been a company that puts its community first and has had a clear goal of helping to revive the city of Cleveland. Giving work to those that need it is just one of the ways that we hope to help our city and give a new mindset to the growing entrepreneurs working in Cleveland.


    Second in our Faces of FOUNT lineup is Stephanie Rocheck, our Production Leader here at FOUNT. Stephanie has been a member of the FOUNT team for two years and is the wheels behind our process. Being the Production Leader, Stephanie is responsible for making sure that we stay on track and create our products in a timely, but efficient manner, to get our products delivered to you as quickly as possible. Not only is Stephanie great at running our design process, but she also cuts the patterns and works the leather so that it is prepared for sewing. She says, “I’m still learning what comes with this job. Production grew with the expansion and we are continuously adding new products, so I find myself continuously learning something new.”

Stephanie graduated from Virginia Marti with a degree in Fashion Design. Not sure exactly what she wanted to do after graduation, she worked as a veterinary technician for a few years before she went into alterations. On a day off of her alterations job, Stephanie decided to read the newspaper, something odd for her since she doesn’t normally read the paper. However, it’s a good thing she did; she saw FOUNT and the work that Jackie and Phillip were doing for their business. After calling and asking about open positions, Stephanie was hired and has been a part of the growth of FOUNT ever since.

 What is your favorite thing about working at FOUNT?
“With any other job, there was never physical proof of your accomplishments, but here you can see the reward. Also, the people working here are so positive and encouraging. It’s something I’ve never experienced before but I like it.”

What is your favorite FOUNT product?
“Any of the Bellfield Tote bags are my favorite because I love being able to have a big bag to throw everything into so I don’t forget about it or lose it.  I never saw the purpose in having a bag that big, but now that I have one, I can’t go back to the smaller bags I used to carry.”


The FOUNT studio is the powerhouse behind our brand. Between sewists, designers, public relations, and merchandising teams, everything is done at our studio headquarters in downtown Cleveland. As FOUNT continues to expand, studio renovations are essential to creating a successful, growing brand.

Since 2013, Jackie and Phillip have built a unique brand that caters to the growing taste for products created in the USA. As we cater to a larger audience, we have added some new features to the studio to increase work efficiency and deliver our products to you as quickly as possible.
            1. Because our team is growing, we designed a new office space to give more workspace to our merchandising and PR teams. The tables were built and finished in the studio by our team members to assist their goal of reaching you as quickly as possible with the best information.
            2. Our new inventory system was also built in studio and adds to the aesthetic of our “office.” With this new system we can stay ahead of our orders and make sure your bag is delivered quickly and arrives with the same level of quality that our clients have experienced with FOUNT in the past.
            3. Finally, the crown jewel of the studio expansion…we bought out a vacant studio next door, blew out the wall, scraped painted windows, stained the floor, gave it a fresh cost of paint, added tables, workbenches, and tools, to give more room for our production process as our designers and sewists create even more beautiful products for you.

Expansion is a big venture and FOUNT is taking it on with pride. With our studio growth, we can move on to create an even bigger and better brand.  Stay tuned for more  news on our expansion and  even more excitingly (drum roll please) our UPCOMING FLAGSHIP STOREFRONT!


FOUNT has many faces behind its products and for the next 6 weeks we are going to show you some key faces behind the brand’s success.
Courtney McCrone is a Head Designer and Master of Sewing here at the FOUNT studio and has been here since August 2014. Obviously not a stranger to design, she began her sewing career at 8 years old. Aside from taking a few classes here and there, Courtney was mostly self-taught. Knowing she wanted to go into design, she interned with local designers in Cleveland and gained some experience before going to college. She attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, CA and graduated with a degree in Fashion Design in 2013. She came back to Cleveland to be a part of the growth that was coming and because of her love for the arts in the city. Through her work to come out with her own line she met Jackie and Phillip.

Working on 23 Skidoo, Courtney attended many of the same flea’s and markets that Jackie and Phillip were offering their products at. After running into each other off and on for a while, Jackie asked Courtney to come help with FOUNT’s product lines to expand the brand and has been here ever since!

What is your favorite thing about working at FOUNT?
               “I love working with the leather. I never, ever, ever, thought I would have a career in leather or handbag design, but I’ve fallen in love with it. I really enjoy the challenge of working with leather and I find myself constantly inspired by its craft. Working in a studio that inhabits so many natural elements makes work incredibly enjoyable, and the overall work culture in general is so wonderful and fun, it is a true blessing.”
What is your favorite FOUNT product?

            “My favorite product is the Banjo Bag. It has many mod elements to it which I am drawn to in my personal style. When I hold it I feel like a woman and I love feeling like a woman. It’s a very versatile bag with unlimited possibilities.”


Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 2.29.37 PM.png

We were all part of LeBron James’ victory in winning the NBA Finals this year, but in August he’s about to bring new success to the city of Cleveland. LeBron is producing and starring in a new reality television show called Cleveland Hustles and FOUNT has been chosen as one of the businesses to be featured on the show.

With the help of four business professionals, LeBron James will help local entrepreneurs grow their operations throughout the city, not only to help the businesses, but to also revive a neighborhood of Cleveland.

We have worked for two years to achieve success and continue to strive for more, and being featured on Cleveland Hustles will assist in this success and, no doubt, be a turning point for our company.

Make sure you tune into CNBC on Wednesday, August 24th at 10 p.m. for the premiere of Cleveland Hustles and see your favorite company rock reality TV.


Since we were young, secrets were always the way we connected with our closest friends. We shared secrets about whom we liked, what we did, and more. Well, FOUNT has a couple secrets that we are just dying to share with you.

FOUNT’s leather is imported from Italy and the bags are handmade in Cleveland. How do you know the shade of leather that you’re looking at is the same as in the picture? Or how do you know exactly what the texture of the leather is like? FOUNT offers a leather swatch book with each of our shades of leather: Goldenrod, Hazelnut, Vintage Milled Cocoa, Midnight Espresso, and Peppercorn Black. Get yours here and make sure that your bag is exactly what you’re looking for!

Not only is the swatch book one of our best-kept secrets, but FOUNT also offers an exclusive catalog, soon to be sent out. Inside our catalog we feature each product within a collection, the colors and prices for each product and some lifestyle shots to show you how to wear it! Order yours here and view our collection to your heart’s desire!

Secrets make friends and we are so excited to share ours with you and bring you along for the journey that is FOUNT.


American-made has become something of a lost concept. Mass fashion production and manufacturing has moved overseas to cater to the demands of consumers and to save costs, but with the transition overseas, America lost the idea of value behind a product and began focusing on having what is available here and now. Through the values of our founders, we strive to bring quality and purpose to our products, setting us apart from the rest; similar to the way our country was built on.
As we celebrate the 4th of July and embrace the values that America was built on, we should also look forward to the beauty that America will establish.

 Here at FOUNT, we are already setting a pace for fashion revival in the United States. By utilizing the resources around us and providing jobs for the people in our community, we are bringing production back to America and encouraging others to do the same. As we create a standard for fashion, we are redefining the concept of fast-fashion, one product at a time.
As you have fun today, enjoying the fireworks, friends, and food around you, be sure to remember the foundation that America was built on and embrace the change that is to come.


In 2013, Jackie and Phillip Wachter set out to create quality products, made in America, delivered straight to their clients. Since the company’s start, FOUNT has expanded and created new ventures, but even with change, FOUNT strives continually to instill a story in each product created, every day.
Quality is defined as, “the degree of excellence in something.” It has come to be an underrated and overlooked word, just thrown around in everyday language. At FOUNT, when we use the word “quality,” we remember the amount of time that went into each of our products to make them as valuable as they are and we remember the community that we positively affect with each bag.  Quality is not just a word here.
The very meaning of the word FOUNT is “an abundant source of desirable quality.” Appropriate, right?  As one of our core values when producing our products is to bring you innovative, luxurious, and heirloom pieces that are of the highest quality.  
We, and our team at FOUNT would love for you to join our story, as we expand and continue to create products with the values that FOUNT has held true since day 1.  Enjoy the journey!

                                                                                           -Milton Hershey