Please take a moment to carefully read through our Monogram Guidelines.

During check out, please include the initials you desire in the Monogram Note section. 


Note: All monogrammed products are non-returnable

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Monogram Guidelines 

*All letters used are 1/2 inch tall. The width of the full 3 letter stamp will vary depending on letters being used. It is preferred that monogramming requests consist of 3 letters (with the exception of the keychain, if desired). Monogram stamps are offered in 3 different styles: Gold Foiled Stamp, Blind Imprint Stamp, and Silver Foiled Stamp which is exclusively offered on Dark Series Totes, Atlases, Academy Wallets and Card Sleeves, and Kestrel Keychains containing silver hardware.


Bellfield Totes and Atlases 

Initials are located 3/8 inch below “FOUNT” label located on front of bag.

Finley Clutch 

Initials are located 3/8 inch below “FOUNT” label on front of bag.

Finley Wallet

Initials are located 3/8 inch above “FOUNT” label on front of accessory.


Unfortunately, we are not accepting requests to monogram this bag. The size and shape of this particular bag makes it extremely difficult to work with our monogram machine and achieve successful results. As an alternative option, we are offering to monogram a tab which is located on the interior pocket of this bag.

Coventry Bucket Bag 

Initials are located 3/8 inch above “FOUNT” label on front of bag.

Coventry Backpack

Initials will be located 3/8 inch above “FOUNT” label on front of bag. We will do our best to accommodate customer requests on this bag. There are many areas of this bag that we be able to successfully place monogrammed initials. If you receive an inquiry about this, please let customer know that if the production team is unable to meet their request or may need to slightly change their request, our customer service department will contact them via email (or leave phone number if customer prefers to be called).

Kestrel Keychain

Initials will be located on the center front of the keychain. ONLY 2 letters offered .

Gordon Duffle

Initials are located 3/8 inch below “FOUNT” label on front of bag. The “FOUNT” label on the duffle is one of our only large products with a blind imprint stamp of “FOUNT” as opposed to a gold foiled stamp. This is something to keep in mind when taking personalized order in case customer wants to match the stamp style to the label.

Any requests that are outside of these guidelines will need to be approved by a production manager before giving customer confirmation. We will do our best to get back to you or the customer as soon as possible in order to keep order moving through production in a timely manner.